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3 Most Underrated Party Decorations!

3 Most Underrated Party Decorations That You’ll Want To Try!

These are the 3 items we think you will love! They are easy to decorate with, really cheap and reusable!
Don’t forget to check them out next time you visit our store and ask our team to help you choose the right one for you!

Crepe Streamers

These colourful strips of crepe paper will transform your room! Hang them along a wall as a bunting, cover your ceiling with them or hang them around your table as a draping fabric! Buy the colours that will match your theme – Pinks and pastels for unicorn theme, yellow and black for construction, blues and greens for under the sea theme!
There are so many cool ideas you can do with crepe streamers on Pinterest so head over there for some inspiration! See our Pinterest Page!

You’ll can find our wide range of crepe streamers here!


crepe streamers
crepe streamers

Table Runners

Table runner will immediately brighten up your table! We have wide range of colours to match any theme! You can also use them as chair ties and make a cute bow at the back of your guests’ chairs! These organza runners are super cheap (just $3.00!) & you can wash them and reuse them! Give them a go!
Find our table runners here!

Table Runner & Chair Tie
Table Runner & Chair Tie


Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns can be so easily personalized to fit your theme! Draw on them few lines with a sharpie and you have a basketball! Stick on few simple cutouts to make them into emojis, animals, planets, and more! You can also hang a special LED light in them to make them even more special! With prices starting at just $2.00, they are definitely worth the try!
Check out our wide range of colours and sizes here!  



And what party products do you find the most underrated? Or have you used some of the ones we mentioned? Let us know!

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