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How To Throw A Virtual Birthday Party

Party World Ltd can deliver – or click and collect – to help you create a virtual party! (at Alert Level 3)

This will be the birthday you will never forget! Social distancing may be the new norm for a while but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fabulous birthday party with all your friends! With all the amazing technology we have these days, anything is possible!

So how do I do this?

Virtual Party

Let’s start with the technical part. You want to make sure all your friends have access to this party and the most common platform that everyone will know how to use will be Facetime, Zoom or Google Hangouts. Make sure you familiarize yourself with these apps to find out which one will work the best for you. If you are not used to having group chats, make sure you keep the number of guests to a minimum.

Think about your theme!
This will bring so more fun to your party! Ask your guests to dress up in a particular theme, decorate your background and ask your guests to decorate theirs too! Especially if you are hosting a party for a child, they will love seeing all their friends in a matching background! It will feel like you are all in the same room!

Choose a theme that is easily done for all your guests! Most of us will be able to find our last Halloween costume and decorations hidden somewhere in our closet so why not host a Halloween themed party?

Check out Pinterest page for some easy DIY costume & decoration ideas! Consult your theme with other parents to make sure you are all able to do a bit of decorating. It may be just a few balloons, crepe streamers or a backdrop from your previous party. Decorating the room so you can share it with your friends will be a great activity for children. Let them help you!
Once at alert Level 3, we can send out our party supplies (or you can click & collect)! So make sure to get your accessories in time! 

Ask your guests to decorate their background!
Ask your guests to decorate their background!

Invite all your guests with an original invitation!
Get creative with Photoshop, Publisher or Paint and make sure you send everyone a link to your party! Make sure everyone knows how to use the app you are using for your party. And don’t forget to add  – BYO Cake! (Or any other snacks you can all enjoy together 🙂 )

Have a plan!
Make sure you know what you want to say at the beginning of your party once all guests are connected. Welcome everyone to your party and let them know the activities.
You may want to play an online game, watch a movie together, do a home workout or a dance, or play a classic game like Charades or Simon Says.  It all depends on the age of your guests.

Don’t forget to have everyone sing Happy Birthday and make the birthday child blow out a candle!

Show off your cake baking skills!
Show off your cake baking skills!

Take pictures!

You will want to remember this so don’t forget to take pictures like you would do at a “normal” party. Take plenty of screenshots!
If you create a pretty collage of your party pictures, that would make a great gift for all your friends! You will always remember this party!

Have fun!

Party at level 3 Alert Level in New Zealand
It is still recommended to distance from other people, however at Level 3, we are allowed to send products out with our courier, or you can pick them up in our store in Christchurch. This way we can help you make your virtual party look even better!
Make sure you have plenty of balloons as that is what will make your party look festive! Check out our themed backdrops, party hats, candles and banners! Those are the basics you will need. You can also have some decorations delivered to your friends’ houses to make all your backgrounds match!

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