Helium Filled Balloons - Christchurch Shop Only

We can fill balloons with helium in our shop in Christchurch but we can NOT ship them inflated! You will have to pick them up yourself or send a friend or your own courier to pick them up in our shop. 

Price List (including balloon & helium):

Single plain 30cm latex balloon loose on a string - from $3.80
Single pattern 30cm latex balloon loose on a string - from $4.80
Display of 3 balloons tied to a weight - from $15.80
Display of 5 balloons tied to a weight - from $25.80
Foil balloons 18 inch - from $22.50
Giant foil numbers (86cm) - $28.50

We can create many more different displays from latex and foil balloons and it would be the easiest if you visit us in our shop at 1063 Ferry Road, Christchurch, so that we can show you what we can do! Or call us at 03-3840123 to discuss the best option for you. 
Prices vary depending on quantity, size and type of balloons. 

Untreated 30 cm latex balloons will float for approx. 10 hours depending on temperature.
Hi Float treated 30 cm latex ballons can float for 3-5 days depending on temperature ($2.00 extra per balloon).
Foil balloons can last anywhere from 2-10 days depending on how they are looked after (handling, temperature etc.).

We advise collecting your balloons on the day of your event at the latest time possible to make sure they are looking their best for your occasion!

Balloon Configuration


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