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Fun Party Games

Did you know we have few party games available to make entertaining a bit easier?

From the classic Pin the tail on the donkey in lots of themed variations, Duck fishing game, egg relay, pinatas to beer pong for the adults. There is a lot you can choose from! But other than these games, there are so many other party supplies you can use for games and entertaining. Maybe you bought a few too many balloons for a balloon garland,  so why not use them for a fun game!

Egg relay with balloons: Have you tried the egg relay game but with inflated latex balloons instead of eggs? So much fun! And add some paper hats as markers for a slalom run to make it a bit more difficult for the older kids!

cup tower

Balloon Tennis: Get a bit crafty and create tennis rackets by attaching some leftover wooden spoons to paper plates! Inflate few latex balloons and have a safe game of tennis that is suitable for indoors too!

Pass the balloon: Create groups of at least 3 children and make them pass balloons without dropping between their legs to get to the finish line! The bigger the balloon, the more fun!

Tallest tower: Have some leftover cups or straws? Let’s see who can create the tallest tower made of cups. Or paper straws. Or wooden forks. Use your imagination! It may seem simple but give everyone the same amount of straws and let’s see who will be the winner!

Paper plate ring toss: Cut a hole in the middle of round paper plates and use them as rings for a ring toss game! You can use any kind of stick (wooden stick, end of a broom, etc) to use as a target!

Paper plates floor is lava: Give children only two paper plates and get them to race to the finish line only stepping on those two plates. Plates can be moved only by hand!

Paper plate Tic Tac Toe: Draw tic tac Toe lines on the ground with chalk and use coloured plates instead of circles and crosses. For older kids, make them stand further and toss plates as frisbees to their desired square.

water balloons

Catch the ball: Split children in pairs and give each a cup and a ball (or a water-filled mini balloon for more fun). Let’s see which pair can throw and catch the ball from the furthest without dropping it.

Balloon and straw race: Give every child an air-filled balloon and a straw. Line everyone on a starting line and get them to race the balloon to a finishing line by only moving the balloon by blowing through the straw.

Salt dough crafting: Have some leftover food colouring from creating your cake? Use the leftover colour to make cheap modelling dough! Add 2 cups of plain flour, 1 cup of salt and 1 cup of lukewarm water to create your crafting dough. Create few different batches with different colours and let children create themed figurines to match your party theme!
Let’s make little animals, flowers, cars etc. The dough will harden by just leaving it in a warm room for a few days or you can bake it to fasten the drying process. Children will then end up with a cute creation that they can take home and show off to their parents.

solo cups


Do you have any other fun ideas on how to use leftover party supplies for games? Let us, and other parents know in the comments!

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How long do helium balloons last?

How long do helium balloons last?

This is one of our most common questions and there is no simple answer. There are many different types of balloons and each of them is very different when it comes to the length of floating.

Our most popular balloons here at Party World are latex balloons and foil balloons.


Latex Balloons
Latex Balloons

Latex balloons are made from natural biodegradable rubber and that makes them very popular. However, they have pores on their surface and that makes them float for a shorter time as the helium will leak from them faster. We usually fill 11 inch (30cm) latex balloons and those will float for about 10 to 12 hours when kept in the right conditions.

→ Balloons like to be at a stable room temperature (20-25°C ) as they don’t like extreme heat or cold. Helium will expand when it gets hot so if you leave your balloons in i.e. a really hot car, it could make your balloons burst. And when you leave your balloons in a very cold room, helium will “shrink” your balloons much faster.
Darker balloons will attract heat faster too, so be careful with leaving your elegant-looking black balloon in the sun on a hot day.
Another thing that affects the length of floating time is any additional decoration e.g confetti inside or attached tassels will make your balloons float for a much shorter time.

There is however a magical thing called Hi Float – this sticky, clear, glue-like substance can be put inside a latex balloon and makes it last for days (3-5)!
It fills the pores of a balloon and that stops the helium from leaking so fast.
What is important about Hi-Float-filled balloons is to let them dry once they are filled and not keep them in any plastic bags. The faster they can dry, the better.


Then there are foil balloons. Those are the shiny balloons with cool prints and in a variety of shapes like animals and numbers.
The floating time depends again on the temperature they are kept in and how they are handled – careful with children pulling strings too hard and damaging the valve.
In good conditions, our most popular 18inch (45cm) foil balloons will float for at least 3-5 days. Bigger foil balloons will last longer, even weeks!

Foil Balloons
Foil Balloons

Also, 17inch (43cm) balloons are the smallest balloons we can fill that will float.
If we were to fill any smaller balloon, it will not float as there is not enough space inside the balloon to lift the weight of the foil
(i.e. small 14 inches (35cm) shaped letters & numbers – those are just for air filling)

A bit less common balloons that we have are plastic bubble balloons.
They look amazing as usually part is printed and part clear which makes them look a bit different, like a floating bubble 🙂
These balloons can again last for at least 3 days but usually for a few weeks, depending on how they are being handled.

If helium is not an option for you, you can always fill any balloon with air.
That way your foil balloons won’t deflate at all and you can reuse them for years – just until you pop them 🙂

Bubble Balloons
Bubble Balloons

If you are filling latex balloons with air, they will stay looking pretty for a few days too, however, be careful when you are tying them to not damage the neck of your balloon. You can always hang your balloons, attach them to sticks, create garlands and arches and much more – check out our Pinterest page for inspiration!

And one more tip from us! → If you bought a bag of latex balloons, make sure to store them in a cool, dark & dry place, preferably in an air-tight container. That way they will not start disintegrating that quickly and they won’t pop when you fill them!


If you have any more questions about your balloons, let us know!

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Party Ideas for Teenagers in 2022

Planning a birthday party for a teenager?

This year, our most popular themes for girls have been:

Donut Party

Tik Tok & Emoji Theme – make sure to create a photo corner!
Spa Slumber Party Theme – painting nails, doing your hair & makeup is always fun!
Donut, Lollies & Cupcake Theme – decorate cupcakes & donuts, or bake your own desserts!

And for boys:
Gaming Theme – Have a gaming competition! Minecraft? Fortnite?  Let your teenager choose!
Sports Theme – What about a sports tournament? Have a friendly match of your teen’s favourite sport!
Camping Theme – Build a tent and spend the night outside!

Make sure you have a photo backdrop & photo props at your party. Your guests will love to take cool pics for their social media so transform a little corner or a whole wall into a themed scene! Make sure you have good light in your photo corner & plenty of photo props to create original photos! A polaroid camera would take your photos to another level!

Our tinsel curtains are a popular choice as a backdrop! We have a variety of colours to choose from to match your theme and they will look amazing in photos! Don’t forget our foil curtains are cut as door curtains, only 1 m wide, so if you are using them as a photo backdrop, make sure to grab at least 2!
You can also use a plain coloured table cover to cover your wall and hang other decorations on top to avoid damaging your walls – check out our Pinterest page to see some original ideas on how to use a table cover as a backdrop!




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How To Throw A Virtual Birthday Party

Party World Ltd can deliver – or click and collect – to help you create a virtual party! (at Alert Level 3)

This will be the birthday you will never forget! Social distancing may be the new norm for a while but that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fabulous birthday party with all your friends! With all the amazing technology we have these days, anything is possible!

So how do I do this?

Virtual Party

Let’s start with the technical part. You want to make sure all your friends have access to this party and the most common platform that everyone will know how to use will be Facetime, Zoom or Google Hangouts. Make sure you familiarize yourself with these apps to find out which one will work the best for you. If you are not used to having group chats, make sure you keep the number of guests to a minimum.

Think about your theme!
This will bring so more fun to your party! Ask your guests to dress up in a particular theme, decorate your background and ask your guests to decorate theirs too! Especially if you are hosting a party for a child, they will love seeing all their friends in a matching background! It will feel like you are all in the same room!

Choose a theme that is easily done for all your guests! Most of us will be able to find our last Halloween costume and decorations hidden somewhere in our closet so why not host a Halloween themed party?

Check out Pinterest page for some easy DIY costume & decoration ideas! Consult your theme with other parents to make sure you are all able to do a bit of decorating. It may be just a few balloons, crepe streamers or a backdrop from your previous party. Decorating the room so you can share it with your friends will be a great activity for children. Let them help you!
Once at alert Level 3, we can send out our party supplies (or you can click & collect)! So make sure to get your accessories in time! 

Ask your guests to decorate their background!
Ask your guests to decorate their background!

Invite all your guests with an original invitation!
Get creative with Photoshop, Publisher or Paint and make sure you send everyone a link to your party! Make sure everyone knows how to use the app you are using for your party. And don’t forget to add  – BYO Cake! (Or any other snacks you can all enjoy together 🙂 )

Have a plan!
Make sure you know what you want to say at the beginning of your party once all guests are connected. Welcome everyone to your party and let them know the activities.
You may want to play an online game, watch a movie together, do a home workout or a dance, or play a classic game like Charades or Simon Says.  It all depends on the age of your guests.

Don’t forget to have everyone sing Happy Birthday and make the birthday child blow out a candle!

Show off your cake baking skills!
Show off your cake baking skills!

Take pictures!

You will want to remember this so don’t forget to take pictures like you would do at a “normal” party. Take plenty of screenshots!
If you create a pretty collage of your party pictures, that would make a great gift for all your friends! You will always remember this party!

Have fun!

Party at level 3 Alert Level in New Zealand
It is still recommended to distance from other people, however at Level 3, we are allowed to send products out with our courier, or you can pick them up in our store in Christchurch. This way we can help you make your virtual party look even better!
Make sure you have plenty of balloons as that is what will make your party look festive! Check out our themed backdrops, party hats, candles and banners! Those are the basics you will need. You can also have some decorations delivered to your friends’ houses to make all your backgrounds match!

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3 Most Underrated Party Decorations!

3 Most Underrated Party Decorations That You’ll Want To Try!

These are the 3 items we think you will love! They are easy to decorate with, really cheap and reusable!
Don’t forget to check them out next time you visit our store and ask our team to help you choose the right one for you!

Crepe Streamers

These colourful strips of crepe paper will transform your room! Hang them along a wall as a bunting, cover your ceiling with them or hang them around your table as a draping fabric! Buy the colours that will match your theme – Pinks and pastels for unicorn theme, yellow and black for construction, blues and greens for under the sea theme!
There are so many cool ideas you can do with crepe streamers on Pinterest so head over there for some inspiration! See our Pinterest Page!

You’ll can find our wide range of crepe streamers here!


crepe streamers
crepe streamers

Table Runners

Table runner will immediately brighten up your table! We have wide range of colours to match any theme! You can also use them as chair ties and make a cute bow at the back of your guests’ chairs! These organza runners are super cheap (just $3.00!) & you can wash them and reuse them! Give them a go!
Find our table runners here!

Table Runner & Chair Tie
Table Runner & Chair Tie


Paper Lanterns

Paper lanterns can be so easily personalized to fit your theme! Draw on them few lines with a sharpie and you have a basketball! Stick on few simple cutouts to make them into emojis, animals, planets, and more! You can also hang a special LED light in them to make them even more special! With prices starting at just $2.00, they are definitely worth the try!
Check out our wide range of colours and sizes here!  



And what party products do you find the most underrated? Or have you used some of the ones we mentioned? Let us know!

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Hens Night Ideas

Hens Night, Bachelorette Party whatever you call it! We have everything you need to decorate and entertain to make the night memorable. Check out our ideas for games, decorations and more!



Games are necessary for any Hens Party, from How Well Do You Know The Bachelorette to Pin The Junk On The Hunk we have a range of games for your night


hens night games


Dare Games – write your own or scratch off a dare to complete, use on their own or create your own version of Truth or Dare!

For something a bit more adult have a look at Pink The Junk On the Hunk or a Pecker Ring Toss play after a game of Bachelorette Beer Pong in pretty pink cups to really test your aim!

If Grandma is coming then try What’s In Your Purse or Mums The Word or ask her for some sage advice

If  you want to a DIY photobooth then our Team Bride Photobooth Props are a must have! Find a plain wall for a backdrop or use a foil curtain to add some sparkle


Check out the full range of Games and Accessories for Hens night HERE!



A quick way to accessories any party is to add some themed table accessories, from cupcake toppers, paper plates, straws, napkins and more we have the ideal accessories for any theme!

hens night tableware

Turn any table setting into a Hens Night Affair by choosing some of our specialty decorations

Pick up some Penis Straws, add some Pecker Cupcake Toppers to any treats or go all out and make your own creation with a Penis Silicone Cake Mold! Sprinkle some Pecker Scatters over the whole table and you’ve got a table to remember. Choose just one or go for the whole lot!

Rose Gold is the perfect colour to create a beautiful table setting, Bride Tribe Napkins, Paper Plates and Cups look great together or mixed in with some pink accessories

Our Mint to Be range has everything you need from tableware to decorations, choose the Paper Plates and Napkins and mix in with some gold accessories like Foil or Diamond Printed Straws. View the full range HERE


Check out the full range of Tableware and Drink Accessories HERE



Gold, Boho, Rose Gold – any colour or theme find the right decorations for your Hens Night!


hens night decorations


Banners or Bunting are perfect to decorate whether its Miss to Mrs, Bride to Be or Same Penis Forever our banners look great hanging in any space

Foil balloons that match your theme or spell out a message are a simple but stunning addition to any Hens Night, a simple pink theme, the word Love or Even Bride to Be are just some of the foil balloons we have!

Finishing touches – from simple latex balloons, hanging swirl decorations or puff balls, these added extras bring your party to life!


Check out the full range of Decorations HERE


Wearable Accessories

Accessories so everyone can get dressed up! From Bride to be Veils, Team Bride accessories and more!

hens night wearable accessories

For the Bride – A Veil or Headband and Sash for the Bride to Be are perfect for her to wear on her Hens Night

Don’t forget the Bridesmaids – whether you’re Team Bride or something a bit more fun! We have a Sash all the girls can wear!


Check out the full range of Wearable Accessories HERE


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Balloon Garland

Balloon garlands, arches, balloon backdrops – whatever you call them – are a fun and inexpensive way to create a customized decoration for any party or event!


balloon garland

Read our FAQs before you start for everything you need to know

How far in advance can I make a balloon garland?

We recommend to make your garland the day before to give you enough time to complete your garland but still have your balloons looking fantastic!

How many balloons will I need?

To complete a 5m long garland using our Garland Plastic Strip, you will need at least 100 balloons to make it look pretty. However you may need to use even more balloons if you are using lots of mini balloons or are not fully inflating them.

What size balloons do I need?

You can use any size balloons, from 12cm mini balloons to giant 90cm ones!

Do the balloons have to be inflated with helium?

Not at all! Inflate them with air and hang your garland tape from a hook. (We use 3M hooks for our shop displays)


What you need:

  • Garland Plastic Strip – this is a must-have!
  • Balloons – check out our balloon bar to find the perfect match for your event
  • A pump – this is optional but will make inflating your balloons a lot quicker and easier! An electric pump will make inflating even quicker!
  • Additional decorations – ribbons, feathers, flowers, palm leaves – anything that you want to add to your garland

Step 1: Inflate your balloons and cut your strip or line to the desired length

balloon garland strip
balloon garland strip

Step 2: If using our Garland Plastic Strip it is as simple as inserting your balloons into the pre-cut holes. Insert in each hole or skip some to create the desired effect.

balloon garland strip
balloon garland strip


Tip! Two small balloons can be inserted into one hole from each side to add more volume to your graland

Or cut short lengths of the clear line and tie to the bottom of your balloons, attach these shorter lengths to your long piece of garland line in your desired pattern. Repeat this same process if using a hula-hoop

Step 3: Attach any final decorations you want to add and attach to a wall or ceiling using 3M hooks

balloon garland accessories
balloon garland accessories


Tip! Try our Balloon Glue Dots to add extra balloons to your garland and add a bit of volume to it – just stick balloons together with these super sticky dots.


View our range of supplies here

And check out our Pinterest Board for some more inspiration!